Live at the Northwest Folk Life Festival 2018.
Live at Muhabbet.


Live at the Tractor Tavern, November 2018.
Live at our Album release show in June 2018.


Khanike show at Cafe Paloma with Malke & the Boychiks, Dec '18. (3 images)
Klezmer at The Riot Part II, Montreal, Aug '18. Feat. Eleonore and Zoe! (6 images)
Album release show at Cafe Paloma, Jun '18. Drawing by Jane Covert-Bowlds. (4 images)
CD assembly party. (6 images)
Brivele at the 2018 Northwest Folklife Festival. Photos by Stan Mandell. (3 images)
Brivele at The 6th Annual Bubbe's Old-Fashioned Hanukkah Shindig, Dec '17. (11 images)
More shows 2017-'18. (5 images)
For Promo (hi-def). (4 images)
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