Photo by Caitlin Palo

Brivele is a Seattle-based anti-fascist klezmer folk-punk trio who braid together oral history, Yiddish language, contemporary and old-country musical genres, American Vaudeville, and visual arts.

Brivele is pronounced "BREE-veh-leh" (בריוועלע) and means "Little Letter" in Yiddish.

We sometimes play as a duo, called Brief.

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To me, this is what klezmer, or folk music, or ok, all music should be. It's aware and serious about the tradition in which it's working. But it understands that music is above all for making people feel something, dammit. There's beauty in the sadness, and there's good laughs in the funny bits. It's reassuring and inspiring to hear a song like Vi Azoy Shloft Der Keyser and realize how witty and subversive these old time people were. The Yiddish in the Yiddish songs is pronounced and sung beautifully, too. A Little Letter is the kind of record I aspire to make.

I also want to say how much I enjoyed the invented parts of the album, like the commentary on Amazon and the housing crisis in the Hungry Yid song. Brivele don't just ride the tradition or recreate it, they do their part to add clever relevance, to keep the tradition truly living and growing.

—Geoff Berner, Vancouver klezmer punk gives-no-fucks accordion player & novelist

Brivele's new EP brings Yiddish song and sensibility into the world of punk-folk like it was always meant to be with tight vocal harmonies, creative arrangements, and hard hitting political clarity!

—Dan Blacksberg of the Radiant Others podcast